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What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a new way to sell and buy online between suppliers and retailers.

The supplier uploads on YouDroop listing of its products

The retailer sells products through its online store

The supplier ships the purchased products to the final consumer.

The origins of dropshipping

The first trades which were based this sales model were simple triangulation between companies with sales from the printed catalog or through representative.

The dropshipping today is an evolution of the B2B business and is rooted in the Internet digital world.

The advantages of dropshipping

The dropshipping provides significant savings of time and money for companies who use this business model.

Thanks to it a supplier is able to reduce marketing costs, reduce the risk of unsold goods, expand sales channels, to internationalize the company and to market test.

The dropshipping allows you to exploit the potential of e-commerce and extend your global sales network.

If you have an e-commerce can devote yourself exclusively to marketing and sales of products remaining in front of your PC.

If you own a warehouse, the promotion of your products is carried out by retailers and you just wait for orders.

Increase your sales

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