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Frequently Asked Questions

What is YouDroop?

YouDroop is an e-commerce marketplace where suppliers (manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors) can publish their products, and retailers can export them on their online stores to sell them to the end customers thanks to the dropshipping model.

What is dropshipping?

The dropshipping is a new way to sell and ship: supplier with a warehouse, sends its updated list of products to the retailer. He adds its profit margin and sell the products. The retailer, once the sale is successful, forwards the order to the supplier that provides for delivery at the address of the final consumer. For more information please visit our dropshipping page.

What advantages have suppliers to use YouDroop?

Suppliers have the opportunity to save on promotion and marketing costs. Retailers take care of all the sales cycle through their e-commerce.

What are the benefits for retailers?

By registering on YouDroop marketplace, retailers have the opportunity to choose from thousands of products and sell them on their online stores. They can then make use of a “virtual“ warehouse, constantly updated, without upfront investments or worry that the goods remain unsold.

There is the possibility of creating an e-commerce site through YouDroop?

At the moment this is not possible. The creation of e-commerce on which export products is charged of retailers that need to create one through external tools. However we plugin integrations for leading e-commerce platforms.

Who uses YouDroop?

Manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, department stores, SMEs, retail shops, vendors, freelancers.

I have a doubt, how can I contact customer support?

For any doubts, questions or concerns, you can contact our Customer Support on this page.

As YouDroop protect my Privacy?

We adopt strict standards regarding the Privacy and Personal Data Protection. In the General Terms and Conditions pages you can find more information about. For more specific questions on the protection of privacy, you can contact us by e-mail atprivacy@youdroop.com.

What product categories can I find or offer on YouDroop?

Any Product Category transport and permitted by law. They are excluding categories as indicated in Security Center. For some types of products you may need to send a further documentation for inspection.

I'm unemployed, I can use YouDroop?

Certainly, you are entering YouDroop you can start working right away. However, you necessary to have authorization to sell (VAT, etc ..). The office of your local business can advise you on the necessary steps to switch your status from unemployed to self-employed and owner of a business activity.

I don't have a VAT number, can I register anyway?

Without the VAT you can access the demo mode of the platform, otherwise in case of lack of VAT, you must load a valid license to operate on YouDroop (such as the certificate of incorporation or registration with the chamber of commerce) selecting NO VAT during the registration process.

Can I make a second job through YouDroop?

Of course, if you already have a job, insured by your employer if the current contract are permitted secondary activities. To operate on YouDroop you need to register a business company or as a freelancer.

In YouDroop you working employed by someone?

No, the marketplace was created to give complete autonomy both suppliers and retailers.

How are handled payments on YouDroop?

The payment method used on YouDroop for transactions is Paypal, an online payment system that guarantees maximum safety and real-time transactions. For transactions between retailers and suppliers it is also expected to use the bank transfer.

How can I give YouDroop advice or proposals for improvement?

We are always happy to receive your feedback. You can send suggestions and advice at feedbacks@youdroop.com.

Who can register on YouDroop as a reseller?

Registration as a reseller is allowed only to users with a VAT or registration as a company.

What documents must be attached to access as a reseller?

In addition to the VAT number (or if you do not have a select NO VAT NUMBER), please enclose a copy of the updated company certificate of incorporation (no more than 6 months) attesting to the proper authorization for sale.

What does it cost to register as a dealer?

YouDroop is totally free.

What is the retailers dashboard?

It is the control panel where you can carry out the main operations of YouDroop: search for products, track orders, export the products to your online store and much more.

In practice, how do I make money with YouDroop?

Your profit is the difference in price between the purchase cost of the product by the supplier and the selling price to your customer that you choose. If, for example, a vendor sells a product to 300 euro and you decide to sell it on your e-commerce at the price of â?¬ 400, your profit is 100 â?¬ gross.

The products are also visible to unregistered users on YouDroop?

No, to display products and prices within the marketplace you need to register. If at first you do not plan to buy a subscription plan, you can use YouDroop in Demo mode with limited functions.

Even to enter the Demo mode you have the VAT or otherwise authorization to sell?

No, Demo mode wants to help users who are not owners of a company, but they still want to get a preview of what YouDroop offer.

What are the limitations of Demo mode?

The Demo mode is totally free and without time limits, but it does not allow you to export the products or buying them or to have supplier information.

I would like to export a product on my e-commerce; I have to pay in advance or only when my customer finalizes the purchase?

You will pay the product to the supplier only when a customer you will have purchased on your e-commerce and will sent you the payment.

Will I receive the invoice of order?

Of course, you will receive an invoice from the supplier after you order ended. The submission deadlines vary by supplier, we recommend that you contact the supplier directly if you encounter problems.

Can I also buy only one product by one?

Absolutely, one of the biggest advantages of dropshipping is exactly that of be able to purchase based on demand.

How will I know the status of my order?

From the left menu of your account you can check the status of your orders.

Acceptance of the general conditions is required during the order process?

Yes when you accept and complete the order, your purchase is binding and therefore must proceed to the payment for the goods purchased. Non-payment of an order is punishable by law by the counterparty.

My client has received the item not working, broken, etc.. How can I do for return and any refund?

If your customer has received a defective product, not as described or not functioning, immediately contact the supplier. Most disputes are peacefully resolved with dialogue and common sense. If you can not find a solution, you can open a dispute on PayPal Solutions Center.

Who can register on YouDroop as a supplier?

Manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, department stores, artisans.

What documents must be attached to have access as a supplier?

In addition to the VAT number (or if you do not have a select NO VAT NUMBER), please enclose a copy of the updated company certificate of incorporation (no more than 6 months) attesting to the proper authorization for sale.

What does it cost to register as a supplier?

YouDroop is totally free.

How can I upload my products on YouDroop?

The products can be inserted manually one at a time or by loading the entire list in CSV format.

What products can not be loaded?

To see which products are prohibited uploading, see the Security Center page.

How I get paid by retailers?

Using Paypal or Bank transfer. You can set up in your profile the method of receiving payments.

Payment for the products is carried out before shipment?

Yes, before sending the products it is necessary for the retailer to proceed to the payment by Paypal or bank transfer.

How long does it take to receive the money?

With Paypal payment it is immediate, with wire transfers are needed usually 2-10 business days.

What should I do once I have received the payment?

Once you have received the payment, it's time to ship the product to the end customer. Packs the product carefully and send it as soon as possible to the address that was communicated you with the payment. To send the package you have to choose the tracking number of the shipment and communicate it to the retailer through YouDroop.

Questions or concerns?

Contact our Customer service, we will respond as soon as possible.

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