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All the features of YouDroop

Free Demo mode with no time limits

By registering on YouDroop you can access the marketplace in Demo mode and view the products with reserved prices. Demo mode is completely free and you can access it as many times as you want without time limits.

Navigate and choose from thousands of products

On YouDroop you find many items uploaded from suppliers around the world. Navigation is made easy and intuitive thanks to the search bar and the index of categories.

Export products on your e-commerce quickly and easily

When you have found an interesting product and you want to export on your e-commerce you just click on the “Export” and choose how to load them: automatically (via plugin) or manually (via CSV file).

Synchronization of products on your e-commerce with our plugin

Any changes that the supplier makes to product details (eg. the amount in stock) is automatically updated in your online store. The plugins are synchronized with the platform and are available for the main CMS.

Send the order to the supplier in a few clicks

When you make an online purchase, to send the order to the supplier takes only a few steps. All your outgoing orders are already placed in the cart, ready to be forwarded to the supplier who, soon after, will ship the products to the end customer.

Easy uploading products

Upload your products has never been so easy! Create a perfect product: you can set the variations (eg. size, color, languages) and all additional details.

Set prices based on your sales countries.

When you upload a product on YouDroop, you can decide which countries want it to be visible for retailers and set a different price for each of those countries. This way you can set a strategy and decide which markets to distribute.

Edit products and manage your orders

You can edit your products at any time without having to upload it again, and view the list of your orders by checking their status before shipment.

Instant payments through PayPal

With Paypal receive payments of your orders in real time and with total security. You can link your PayPal account to YouDroop in a few clicks.

Save on shipping with our algorithm

If your product is in more than one magazine, the YouDroop algorithm improves the processing of the calculation of shipments, grouping the products in a single warehouse to availability to save money.

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If you want more information on YouDroop or some of its features, you can contact our Customer Support.

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