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The supplier uploads its products that are displayed by retailers who select the products and apply the profit margin.


The retailer synchronizes the details and images of products by YouDroop to e-commerce.


The final consumer orders the product from e-commerce retailer entering the information for shipping.


The dealer buys from supplier products sold, by entering the address of the end user for dispatch.


After receiving the payment, the supplier packs and ships the product to the end customer directly from its warehouse.

How to use YouDroop


Please register as a retailer entering the information of your company. Choose a subscription plan in line with your needs (Small, Business or Corporate) and connect your PayPal account.

Search and choose products

Find the products you want using the search bar or browse through the categories and select from thousands of the most interesting items.

Export selected products

After selecting the products, upload them to your online store in a few clicks. They will be inserted as you see them on YouDroop synchronizing images and descriptions.

Sell to your customer

Customers will see the products on your e-commerce at the price you choose and be able to buy them. More will be good at promoting your e-commerce, more products you'll sell.

Collect the sale and place your order to the supplier.

After concluding a sale on your e-commerce and payment is received, it's time to pay the supplier for the product sold. Now it will be the supplier to ship the product to your consumer.


Become today supplier of YouDroop following the registration process: enter the data of your company and connect your PayPal account. You can choose from four levels of subscription (Small, Medium, Pro and Enterprise).

Upload your products

Enter your products on YouDroop selecting the countries in which you want to sell. Setup your warehouse and shipping rules. Create the product details as complete as possible, please select at least one picture, a full description and other basic information.

Receive orders

Now wait while retailers export your products on their sites and sell them to end users. You will receive payment and order from retailers when consumers will have purchased one of your products.

Instant payments

You can choose to receive payments through PayPal or Bank Transfer. With PayPal the transaction is secure and in real-time.

Packs and ships the products

After you have received your order and payment, packs the product sold in a suitable protective packaging and ships it to the end customer as soon as possible.

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