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Measures and precautions to sell with confidence


Before buying

Before any purchase, always check the supplier's profile, it's a few seconds of time, but they can make a difference in purchasing. We want to maintain a high level of safety within YouDroop and to do this we require an updated certification with regard to marketing authorizations.

Read carefully the description

The quality of the descriptions is crucial when exporting the product feed. With detailed information there will be more chances to sell products. Inquire before buying is to know the shipping costs and conditions of return.

Avoid transactions outside of YouDroop

Buy or sell products on YouDroop outside the platform goes against the Terms and Conditions. Please report any user who propose you to continue the transaction, or start a new one outside of YouDroop.

Prefer PayPal as payment option

Pay suppliers in the right way means having the confidence not to run into unpleasant situations. For this YouDroop choose PayPal as payment option. Using this tool you will be covered in case of fraud thanks to Buyers Protection Program. Each payment is also traced and verified directly by the PayPal system, and as such represents a further guarantee on purchases.

Prepaid cards

To enable payment through PayPal you must link your credit card to your account. For added security we recommend using prepaid credit cards. They have in fact limited and a ceiling in cases of attempted fraud reduce the risk of losses. For more information about the use and guarantees PayPal, we'll want to endorse the site www.paypal.com.


Using PayPal, in case of online fraud you are entitled to a refund. Please also note that in case of problems you can contact the staff PayPal via the Resolution Center that will support you in the resolution of your complaint.

Reception of the parcel by the customer

Finally the most of your shopping experience on YouDroop marketplace, ask for confirmation of receipt of the product to the customer. The latter is in fact the confirmation that the object ordered perfectly reflects the expectations and there are no defects, breakage or damage. In case of problems, contact the vendor, so finding a comfortable solution for both: return or replacement of the product.

Write your testimonial

Your opinion on the platform is important because it allows us to improve and develop new features. So we wanted to give you the opportunity to make your voice heard and how it changed your company with YouDroop. Your experience will be a great contribution to the community that will be able to learn about your company.


Both upoading your products, both during the sale, pays careful attention to the product categories allowed. You can not sell the following products:

  • Used clothes
  • Animals and animal organs
  • Firearms, edged weapons and ammunition
  • Stocks and bonds
  • Tickets for shows
  • Credit cards
  • Contracts and Tickets
  • Unauthorized Copies
  • Promotional copies of movies and music
  • Used cosmetics
  • TV Decoders
  • Exemption declarations on authenticity
  • Copyright, brands
  • Medical devices used
  • Identity documents, governmental licenses and personal licenses for public transport
  • Drugs, narcotics and accessories
  • Medications, drugs and medical devices
  • Fireworks
  • Advance events
  • Mailing list, information and personal data
  • Multimedia Pirate Material
  • Offensive material
  • Media downloadable
  • Multi-level Marketing, Pyramid schemes and Matrix Programs
  • Domain Names
  • Goods digitally delivered
  • Fake items
  • Items of law enforcement
  • Dangerous objects, subject to particular sales or perishable limitations
  • Stolen items
  • Items under embargo and nations towards which it is not permitted export
  • Organs, human remains, and human organic material
  • Pesticides
  • Prizes, gifts and lotteries
  • Products withdrawn from the market
  • Goods owned by the state or government, including goods of artistic, historic or archaeological
  • Collections and information content
  • Bootleg recordings
  • Services
  • Tobacco
  • Titles ambiguous
  • Counterfeit currencies and postage stamps
  • Sales with the support of a printed catalog
  • Travel

How to increase Your Sales

To distinguish yourself from other suppliers and improve your sales on YouDroop we suggest you:

  • Update frequently your product list;
  • Use detailed images with high resolution, without watermark or company logos;
  • Fill all fields of the product sheet;
  • Add a complete descriptions, clear and comprehensive.

Protect your account

E-mail and password

The choice of access is the first barrier against data fraud attempts: the e-mail address can be chosen according to your needs but the password requires more attention. The use of the same password for all services to access online is the main cause of online fraud. Passwords should always be formed by an alphanumeric code.

Attempts to Phishing

To ensure your safety, remember not to disclose to unauthorized persons access your data. Despite all the anti-fraud protection, you may occasionally run into phishing attempts by criminals. Please notify us of suspected cases to the e-mail violation@youdroop.com. All practices will be treated in strict confidence and are committed to ensure your protection under the law.

Protect your PC or device

The 40% of the risk of loss of user account data from your computer starts. The most frequent case is the theft of email, where are contained passwords and personal data, but also the unverified software installation can create many problems. Therefore we recommend to equip yourself with a good antivirus to keep in perfect order your system.