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Vision & Mission

What we believe in

Online commerce is a growing phenomenon and more and more B2B companies are investing in this area. For many, however, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, this is still not viable because of the limited expertise in retail and capital to buy products on the wholesale market. The dropshipping solves this problem by allowing suppliers and retailers to sell online saving on marketing expenses and storage: the first are involved in warehousing and shipping of products, the seconds of selling online.

Thus it was born the first marketplace to simplify and help companies using the sales model of Dropshipping.

With YouDroop want a marketplace that is synonymous with opportunities, networks and innovation.


We want to offer to companies around the world a new way to generate revenue by connecting with each other, without abandoning traditional methods of trading.


We work to give acceleration to online B2B trade, encourage the opening of new e-commerce, simplifying the use of Dropshipping, making it in effect a new tool for doing business online.